The Failure of Black Leadership and Black Organizations in the 21st Century

Written By: Jalani Yusef Imhotep Kadesh

“In the Age of Information Ignorance is a Choice”. This for the most part sums up what I am about to say about the State of Black People Worldwide. We live in a time where you can store, access and retrieve more information in a device that can fit in your pocket that would have taken up entire buildings just 30 years ago. We live in a World where Technological Advances and Breakthroughs are happening everyday in the fields of Science, Energy, Transportation, etc… Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter constantly pushing the envelope in the areas of Social Media, Marketing and Business. Scientist now have the ability to replicate your memories and by the year 2030 they will be able to download your consciousness on a computer chip at the point of death. Sounds familiar (if you have seen The Matrix, Lucy, Surrogate or Transcendence)?

New Billionaires are rising up all around the World, yet in Black Communities Worldwide we face the same if not worst situations than ever before. Black Power and Civil Rights Leaders and Organizations have not kept pace with an ever evolving Political and Economic Landscape. In a time where we have the First Black President, the Black Agenda has been pushed back a hundred years in favor of Gay Rights. Black Churches have become all but irrelevant to the Black cause. Instead of asking for 65 million dollars to build a bank, credit union, or school, Churches and Pastors asking for a Private Jet. Thy Shall Not PimpThe Black Church has collected some 400 plus Billion Dollars in the last 30 years, but there exists no viable black bank, black school, or black anything for this matter. Black unemployment is at a all-time high. We provide free labor for the Prison Industrial Complex. The gap between the Black Upper Class and Middle to Lower Class is at unprecedented numbers. Rappers, Athletes, and Entertainers could care less about a Black Agenda in the wake of more Black Men and Boys being murdered by Police all over the Country. We have been duped by Black Leaders, Organizations, and Churches into keeping the Faith, going to School, and Working Hard is still the way to Progress and Success.  While a teenage Bill Gates created Microsoft, a teenage Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, a teenage Steven Jobs created Apple, etc… Black employment at Google, Microsoft and Facebook is less than 1% and only 7% at Apple.

Black Resistance Matters

In the Age of Information you get Paid for using your Mind not your Hands. While every other Ethnicity is closing Ranks and bonding Together daily, Africans Worldwide are becoming more Divided. Brother Malcolm said it best 50 years ago. When we come together leave your Religion, Fraternal and Class Affiliation at home and focus on the one thing we have in common…and that is we are Black. In every Community, in every State, in every Nation we must Develop, Build and Maintain a Black Agenda. We must Develop and Build Think Tanks and Investment Clubs. We must Think Black, Buy Black, and Be Black for the sake of the present Generation and Generations to come. If we don’t we will be but a Memory.

Until Next Time We Meet…


Don’t Haze Me Bro

nfl hazing

Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner

~Dub Deuce The Poet~


With the recent fiasco involving Miami Dolphins’ teammates Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, the “hazing-light” is now shining in some very private places…the NFL locker rooms and facilities.

Many ask the questioned; how can a big physically imposing NFL figure be hazed to the point where it’s considered bullying? Well, in the violent emotionally charged culture of the NFL, hazing is normal. For instance, it is customary that NFL rookies are hazed until they’ve played 20 games; which automatically means that a hazing period goes into year 2 (being that an NFL regular season is 16 games for non playoff teams). This would explain the video taped hazing that was recorded at the New York Giants’ training camp last season…where Jean Pierre Paul threw fellow second year defensive player Prince Amukamara into a cold tub. Many outside of NFL locker rooms were stunned.

In this case, allegedly the Dolphins organization ordered Richie Incognito to toughen up fellow lineman Jonathan Martin…i.e. a Code Red (as explained in the movie A Few Good Men). Richie, a known player with a rap sheet filled with locker room and on field incidents, took Code Red and put it on steroids…creating a situation beyond return.

Does hazing have a place in any environment? In everyday society, no. Where survival is the number one goal; yes! Where does such survival environment exist?  The military…When I asked members of organizations that are known for hazing for input on this article, one of the responders was a high ranking Armed Forces Member. He stated, “I believe the solidarity that is required for these organizations to successfully exist demands a test of fidelity…it’s the responsibility of the leadership to set forth standards of acceptable conduct.” Meaning, you must test the threshold of the individual that you must depend on to watch your back and you, his (during combat). Once those limits are discovered, you must then go beyond them.  Civil Rights Counter Sitting

Similar structured military type hazing was done during the Civil Rights Era in America. Students and activists were able to endure such abuse because the elders of the era tested their limits in occult settings before going into harms way.

When limits aren’t test, then you get such a situation similar to what Tavis Smiley and Tom Joyner had.  Where in 2006, Tavis & Tom led the charge to publish The Covenant With Black America. A book outlining efforts to hold the next President of the U.S. accountable to Black related issues. During this time, Tavis would often mention in his weekly commentaries on Tom’s radio show that when he was ever in a fox hole and had to fight his way out in a battle that Tom Joyner would be his trusted fox hole mate to watch his back for survival. However, when the next President was one of color, Tom Joyner abandoned ship of holding accountability and Tavis stayed the course…the friendship no longer exists between the two.

nfl blount-titans

With this said, unfortunately and erroneously, environments and pop culture such as the NFL has accepted hazing as a Rights Of Passage. Let me explain.

Hazing has been popularized with Greek college fraternities and sororities. It is often stated within these organizations that hazing builds character and a stronger individual as well as organization.  In its Alkebulan (African) origin, this may have been true. However, in today’s culture, hazing (outside of military means) has come to do more damage than good…in an alarming number of instances, leading to death.

school daze julian_and_halfpint

The parents of such behavior (the ancient Greeks themselves), in their traditional fashion of plagiarizing African culture, attempted to bring Rights Of Passage into its culture. However, like anything plagiarized, it fails miserably. Thus, methods of brutality & embarrassment were added, and building progressive character and structure exited. Giving birth to hazing and burying Rights Of Passage.

Sisters For Maat

Acceptance of such brutality & embarrassment was displayed in the Miami Dolphins locker room and facilities involving Incognito and Martin. Current NFL Players, former players, commentators, hosts, former coaches, and writers have stated that hazing (particularly rookies) has been around just a long as the league itself. However, all within my ear range have stated that Incognito took it too far with the bullying and racial slur.

What many that haven’t spent an extensive amount of time in a football locker room don’t know is that there is always a team member known as an enforcer on the field. With his aggressive rap sheet, it is my thought that Richie was such player. So, the allegation that the Dolphins organization wanted him to “toughen up” Martin is no surprise. Even during Dallas Cowboys’ Defensive End DeMarcus Ware’s rookie year, Head Coach Bill Parcells took it upon himself to haze DeMarcus. Something as simple as getting water for the coach was deemed DeMarcus’s job each and everytime Parcells wanted it.i-am-a-man

Keep in mind that hazing is not just limited to sports, college campuses, and the military. Another industry infested with hazing is the film & entertainment industry. The term used in this industry is not hazing but “casting couch”. Where inspiring & veteran entertainers have consensual sex with the producer or director of a film/record label to be a part of the cast of such production…regardless if the sexual gender is the same of such producer or director involved.

Stand Up:

The brutality suffered by Jonathan Martin came in the form of white supremacy. Like $40 million slaves, NFL players are portraying Incognito as the victim and Martin as the villain. Why? Because Jonathan Martin broke the code of the locker room…such slave mentality ignores the racism in Incognito’s hazing and pays more attention to the broken code. More respect is given to a gladiator system of supremacy versus the simple respect of a man. On the other hand, its hard to get someone else to standup for you when you won’t standup for yourself. Thus, Martin’s lack of toughness in a tough man career has led many around the league to question is sexuality (whether right, wrong, or indifferent).

Peter Old Sarge

Thus, Martin should have taken Incognito to the “wood shed”. Meaning, in the culture of hazing, there’s always a point where the neophyte is allowed to fight back. Martin chose not to do so, thus he suffered psychological & emotional damage. Not taking a direct stand made Martin just as much a volunteer as he was a victim. Fights are common in the locker room and on the field when hazing and cheap shots cross the line. Few end with injury or lawsuits. However, this case is destined to conclude in a monetary settlement in Martin’s favor…and, possibily Incognito’s…because he followed protocol.

Rights Of Passage:

To be clear, hazing is not a Rights Of Passage. A Rights Of Passage is conducted by Elders of a culture or group that are not in competition with you. Nor, are they in your age group. Its designed to build character and strengthen the culture/group without detriment to the individual nor group. Its where enlightenment of the ancestors is passed-on. On the other hand, hazing is conducted by your teammates or classmates. It professes building character and brotherhood/sisterhood, however its more of a programming of acceptance of popular group trends with frequent detriment done to the initiates and the organization…because someone of your age group (usually early 20s) has little to no knowledge and wisdom to pass-on. Thus, an initiate is more of competition because he/she may steal the shine or position of those doing the initiating.  Hazing gives you hell; Rights Of Passage gives you knowledge & wisdom! Never confuse the two.


It’s All Mind: Rantin’ & Raving

Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner


Many blasted Dez Bryant for his rant on the sidelines this past Sunday. Coward, punk, classless, and immature are just some of the adjectives used to describe him after this Sunday’s game versus the Lions. Even those who have played the game (themselves with great emotions) criticized him. (Shaking my head).

With a brief sigh, I say this. Being one that was once a highly charged player in my early years of football, I had to learn to channel my energy as well. So, under most circumstances, I might have agreed with the criticism that Dez received. However, I actually agree with the timing of his demeanor on the sideline for this team and this game.

Why? Because continuously “accepting” losing as the norm year after year for one of the most talented teams in the NFL is a mark of second rate mindset. Did you see the eyes of Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware…the passion they showed attempting to convince Dez otherwise of his current conviction? I did. And, I ask. Where is that same passion from those leaders of the Cowboys on the field?

Witten’s left him when his helmet flew-off in a game against Philly (years before his spleen injury). Before this point Witten was aggressive and ran like a truck. After this game, he began to immediately stick his arm out (after catches) for fear of getting hit or hurt again…running more like a Pinto. Ware, needs to be more passionate like a Charles Haley or Lawrence Taylor had. And, Romo…well, what he’s missing is another writeup alone…I will simple say that Bryant was attempting to convey to Romo to stop being gun-shy (i.e. nervous)…even when I’m covered; I’m open…throw me the ball!

Witten vs Eagles

Many like Dez erroneously calls passion that “dog” in you. More appropriately, you read it from right to left; it’s the “god” in you!…i.e. The I AM and The I WILL! Remember, in his rookie training camp, Dez told wide receiver Roy Williams (player whom Dez replaced) that he wasn’t here to carry bags (in an attempting hazing by Williams). So, being second rate or subservant on the football field is not something that Dez embraces; unlike the Cowboys’ leadership.
Pearson-Irvin-BryantOnly once in my career, did I play on a team such as this. So, I understand whole heartedly how frustrating it can be. And, nothing changed until somebody or some of us became more vocal in expressing our disagreement in our actions and in our words. After this, attention had to be paid to “what was wrong” with the team, respect elevated, and we only loss one game the remainder of the regular season.

I call this “flushing the toilet”…i.e. getting the sh*t out to put the nutrients in…

This Cowboys team has yet to master the art of winning. But, since losing to Seattle in the playoffs during the 2006 season, the Cowboys leadership has mastered the post game press conference.

Losing is a mindset, and so is Winning!

What say you?

Cowboys--Landry and The Boys

November 2013 Vibrations


Written By: Lovell Rowser


Eight is the universal month vibration for the calendar month of November 2013.

Number 8 is strongly associated with the planet Saturn.  Strength, stamina, execution and power is exuded in this cycle.

Persons born on the 8th, 17th and 26th or on a Saturday, the month of August and the 8th astrological sign should be more mindful of the law enforcement and strong arm tactics by the criminally minded.

The number patten is 8-2-5 in that exact order, 8 is positive 2 is negative and 5 remains neutral but can surprise us on dates of the 5th, 14th and 23rd.

Watch the knees and the skeletal system for fractures or broken bones.

Number 8 is  a ruler of the night so be extra safe during those hours.   A famous sports hero is heard about in the news.

Number 8 esoteric day vibration appears on Saturday, the 9th; Monday, the 18th and Wednesday, the 12th.  Saturday, the 9th is a double 8 because it is governed by the number 8 and  Saturn.

Be strong this month.

June 2013 Vibrations

Written By: Lovell Rowser

Copyright 2013


Included in June 2013 are the numbers 666. The calendar dates in June which hold the 666 vibration are the 6th, 15th, and 24th. Each of those dates vibrate with number 9 esoteric day vibration with some heavy psychic, sexual, male and female energy. On the dates the female hold the air and earth elements, while the males must adhere with their fire element.For everyone, monitor your blood pressure in June 2013. Strokes and heart attacks fall under the 6 and 9 vibrations. Be aware though of your individual responsibilities on this planet.

June 2013 is intense because the 6th calendar months crosses the number 6 universal year. Both of the same numbers added, actually doubled causes stress and great tension through the number 12/3.To be continued………

Nike: Stolen Legacy 2013…A Thief In The Knight

Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner

~Dub Deuce The Poet~


stolen legacy

Nike, say it ain’t so…Allegedly stealing…again? Yes, yes, yes, the giant of the sports apparel, Nike, is under fire for allegedly copying the images of a documentary serious about the history of Alkebulan (African) culture, Hidden Colors (1 & 2).  The Nike Hidden Image t-shirts bear the resembling image that is alleged to be a copyright infringement.  The Hidden Image t-shirts are a part of the LeBron James Collection.  Without even looking at the images, just the name itself bears a similar resemblance…compare them Hidden Colors, Hidden Colors 2, and Hidden Image. Hhhmm…

Hidden Colors 1 Cover (left), Hidden Colors 2 Cover (center), Nike's Hidden Image (right)

Hidden Colors 1 Cover (left), Hidden Colors 2 Cover (center), Nike’s Hidden Image (right)

With nothing but a simple glance at a Nike Hidden Image t-shirt, it is quite obvious that the creative mind that conceived the cover of Hidden Colors 1 & 2 birthed identical twins in the form of triplets.  The carbon copy image (Nike Hidden Image) does not sit well with the producer of Hidden Colors Tariq Nasheed.  Nasheed simply states that his legal team is looking into these matters of similarity.

This is not the first time that Nike may have been inspired by Supreme documentary and philosophy.  Before his untimely death, martial arts legend Bruce Lee provided commentary on the martial way. In his wisdom on control or lack-there-of, Bruce introduces the operative philosophy of “Just Do It”.  Hhhmm, sound familiar…(see video below).

After comparing the images and name, Nike definitely has some explaining to do.  The irony of the whole situation is that the Hidden Colors DVD series outlines the stolen & hidden accomplishments of the aboriginals on this planet Earth…the Alkebulans or Moors.  And, Nike has allegedly attempted to do exactly what the series has amplified in its content…stolen an idea & invention and claimed it as it own.  Hhhmm.

Well, I guess that Nike saw nothing wrong with duplicating a culture.  Take a look at these images, and let me know what registers in your subconscious…Hotep:

Converse Shoe in the 1980s.

Converse Shoe in the 1980s.

Islamic Symbol

Islamic Symbol

Under Armour Logo (left), Nsibidi Love & Unity Symbol (center), Adinkra Universe Symbol (right)

Under Armour Logo (left), Nsibidi Love & Unity Symbol (center), Adinkra Universe Symbol (right)


Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner

~Dub Deuce The Poet~


By now, many of you have seen Quentin Tarantino’s DJango Unchained.  With much excitement and despair over the movie, the Black Community appears to be split down the middle whether the movie is favorable or unfavorable to Black People. In recent times, two powerful internet radio shows and both covered this movie extensively.  Hosts and callers of each show all had different views on the movie.  For me, a couple of callers added the inspirational icing on the cake that triggered me to write this article.

 While many movie goers and Oscar cheerers interpret this film as the slave finally winning over the slave master, many miss the magical production of the movie.  Simply put, there are many things hidden in plain site.   But, first, let’s lay some ground work.

In a radio interview with a syndicated radio host, Tarantino stated that when he finished writing the script that he consulted with Sidney Poitier about the script.  In contrast to consulting with a Black cinema icon, Tarantino called Roots (authored by Alex Haley) inauthentic.  In his own words, Tarantino admits to having “trepidation” about making the movie.  Thus, Quentin was looking for acceptance of a people on the movie; which was quite evident.

One such attempt was having the music of Rick Ross and Tupac Shakur playing in climatic scenes in the movie.  Though Rick Ross’s song “100 Black Coffins” serves as a rise-up song, it is one that metaphorically returns the color “Black” negatively to the subconscious mind… “100 black coffins, 100 black graves, 100 black preachers, and 100 black bibles”.  The focus of the description “Black” in this song captures only the death & destruction of the color.

Then, there’s the background tune of one of Tupac’s famous phrase “expect me n-word like you expect Jesus to come back”. This reminded me of the times when white guys from school would ride through the Black neighborhoods wanting to hangout to be cool.  And, one of the common things they would do is play a hot rap song in their vehicle as-if-to say “I’m cool too…or, I’m hip like you.” And, only those Black teens that could not see the game being played on them would party with the music.

Another attempt of Black favoritism was the scene of Black servants and companions eating at the table with their slave master at the restaurant.  And, not the second hand foods but the prime foods that Mr. Candie ate.

Now, let’s look further into the movie…Hidden In Plain Site (the seen but unseen of the unconscious mind):

  • The darkening of the skin of Samuel L. Jackson’s character. This is another cinema stab at the subconscious of human beings (including Blacks) that the darker the skin color the more evil the hue-man being’s behavior is.
  • As one of the white slave owners whipped his slaves, he quoted from a Christian bible while holding it and having pages from it attached to his torso.  This is very symbolic of how the Christian doctrine has been used to enslave the minds of Black people.  Sadly, this is still true today.
  • The affinity of the scrotum of the Black Man and/or the Black Penis.  Throughout the movie, the reference of the pleasure in cutting-off the scrotum of a slave is an illustration of genocide. Exterminating the semen of a Black Man is an extermination of generations of a family.  As well, before you had to raise your right hand and put the left one on the bible and “tell the truth…whole truth and nothing but the truth”, you had to grab your testicles before you “testified”. If you lied, they were cut-off.
  • The character of Mr. Candie is the illustration of Quentin Tarantino’s alter ego.
  • The statue of Nefertiti in the Cleopatra’s Club House is an illustration of “Stolen Legacy”. Nefertiti
  • In the beginning, Dr. Schultz introduces himself to the slave masters of the chain gang as a weary traveler…i.e. a traveling man.
  • DJango’s head passes through the noose as they ride into town for the first time.
  • When raised to an upright level, DJango appears in blue & white attire…the color of the awaken or raised conscious mind…the Blue Light.  As well, the Moorish Blue attire is very similar to the Blue attire that was worn by Prince Hall (Founder of the African Lodge of the Honorable Society of F&AM).

Prince Halldjango--pha 2

  • Freed & Raised but far from accepted…DJango still didn’t get the respect from his fellow free-men (the whites). This is similar to today (in the United States) how Prince Hall Grand Lodges are not recognized by the Grand Lodges (i.e. white lodges).
  • Though “raised”, DJango only kills one white person of power (Big Daddy).  And, he had to get permission from the German to kill him.  Everyone else that he kills was lower statue whites that could barely afford to be white.
  • Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) is the sidekick of Mr. Candie, while Dr. Schultz is the sidekick of DJango.

The Magic:Blank Kabbalah Tree of Life

Let’s look at the name, DJango.  By the “D” (the 4th letter in the English alphabet) being silent in pronunciation of the title, the next letter in the name is “J” (the 10th letter of the English alphabet).  4 represents balance, and when in plural form it could be represented by the number 22.  In the Tree of Life (or Kabbalistic Tree), there are 22 paths of creation.  By the “D” being silent, the path of creation is cut-off or hidden.  Meanwhile, the number 10 is a representation of the 10 Sephiroth in Kabbalah…i.e. there’s some magic or spell taking place.  In addition to the hidden elements already mention, one such is very evident when the character of Sheba appears in the film (played by Nichole Galicia).  Though Sheba’s role is small to the naked eye, it is quite huge in the symbolism of Tarantino’s magic.

In the Grand Symbol of Kabbalah, the image is a portrait of a Caucasian man sexually penetrating an Aboriginal (Black) Woman from behind.  He is standing (erected); She is upside (blindly being taken advantage-of)…i.e. the 1964 Equal Opportunity Act (LBJ’s War On Poverty).

kabbalistique grand symbole

Tarantino and Nichole Galicia (Sheba for DJango Unchained).

Tarantino and Nichole Galicia (Sheba for DJango Unchained).

In this “now you see me now you don’t” portrait of creation, in order for the Caucasian’s works or legacy to live-on, they must be birthed by the Black Woman.  Thus, he must penetrate and control the Black Woman in order for his control or enslavement of the Black Community to commence.  How so; you ask? Well, the Black women is the first to teach the child (during times of physical slavery even the white child).  So, not only does she give birth to systematic slaves (in the eyes of the master), she will educate them with an implanted abundance of fear and hood economics of success (military, sports, and entertainment). The Sephiroth is symbolic of the womb of a Black Woman, thus the circumference of the Black Community’s mind is determined by the master hidden in plain site…he that controls the circle. Therefore, She (the Black Woman) births the white man’s dreams…i.e. She-Births or She-Ba.

The Africans in America today are a conquered people.  Though the African ancestry is Aboriginal and gave birth to the stolen legacy of today, the majority of the descendants of this history are oblivious to it.  Thieves and conquers of such people and their history know that wherever The Black Woman doesn’t exist, then there is no life.  Thus, they tend to keep Her around and controlled.  In Hollywood, locally, it’s known that rich white men have a desire for black women that are promiscuous. So, its no surprise that “Mr. Candie” has a swagger relevant to Hugh Hefner…DJango got his Black Queen, and Tarantino has circled his She-Ba…one of many controlling the minds of his viewers thru the nectar of the Black Womb-man.

Black Mind Control:

Many viewers consider the movie to be one of a hero.  However, a Heru (hero) normally is one for the people or saves the people.  Jamie Foxx’s character was one that appeared narcissistic.  His only mission was to free his woman.  When allowed the opportunity to assist with the freedom of his fellow Black Brothers, he didn’t.  Thus, the audience cheered for one who was only individualistic not communal.  Further embracing the idea of “I got mine; now you get yours”.  The only time there was Black unity in the movie is in the beginning when the slaves got unchained and killed the slave master trapped under the horse.  The movie further penetrated the subconscious minds of Blacks that slaves only unite under the progression of the master’s plan…not their own.  “He Ain’t Heavy”. Hotep. He Ain't Heavy