The Walking CTEs (Culturally Traumatized Els)


Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner

~Dub Deuce The Poet~


In recent conversations, I’ve been asked about the condition of the mind that makes a people (particularly those referred to daily as Black People) behave outside of their nature to the point where it is detrimental to the existence of the People. To understand the one of many answers to this issue, one must view them through the lenses of being:

  • Indigenous to the planet (Earth). Thus (by genetic makeup and simple default), making them more in-tuned with nature that any other group of people.
  • Once a Great People that provided the blue print for civilization, the culture of such greatness flourished throughout the land, air, and water. But, it has now fallen by the hands of the demise of others and themselves.

Once you view the weatlhiness of the original Hue-Man with great life, you then will identify that today’s overall offspring of this greatness has fallen beneath the rumble of death…a walking, breathing, sleeping, and eating corpse. Whether it be through conquer, slavery, treaty, religion, tricknology, or the sword, the Melanin Progressive has been bludgeoned with a multitude of mental illnesses that affect the Rise of the Awaken Soul and the Awaken Spirit. Thus, the negative sides of Black People (of today) are operating out of a state of concussion. Memory loss, blurred vision, erratic outbursts, and dysfunctional behaviors are symptoms that display a serious case of head trauma of the People. Meaning, the Indigenous are operating as mere fragments of our whole selves…i.e. the story of Humpy Dumpy, the three fifths of a man labeling, or a hologram of what use to be.

The lack of Knowing Thy Self is a mental health issue. “Mental health” deals with the intake & processing of what is consumed within the mind that affects the electrical output of the brain. The intake & the processing develop the “program” that is the illness. Depending on the severity of the illness, healing an individual can be quite a toll on the healer. However, the main healer of the sick has to be the “sick” him or herself. In similarity, the snake’s venom is the main cure of the snake bite. But, that is simply an individual; the mass taxing issue is the collective healing of a People. Deprogramming from the divisive segments within the collective and unifying under the work is key to just a pinch of progress, but heavy in weight. This is the symbolic story of the real Superman. Wakeup “KA-EL” (Kal El).