It’s All Mind: Rantin’ & Raving

Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner


Many blasted Dez Bryant for his rant on the sidelines this past Sunday. Coward, punk, classless, and immature are just some of the adjectives used to describe him after this Sunday’s game versus the Lions. Even those who have played the game (themselves with great emotions) criticized him. (Shaking my head).

With a brief sigh, I say this. Being one that was once a highly charged player in my early years of football, I had to learn to channel my energy as well. So, under most circumstances, I might have agreed with the criticism that Dez received. However, I actually agree with the timing of his demeanor on the sideline for this team and this game.

Why? Because continuously “accepting” losing as the norm year after year for one of the most talented teams in the NFL is a mark of second rate mindset. Did you see the eyes of Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware…the passion they showed attempting to convince Dez otherwise of his current conviction? I did. And, I ask. Where is that same passion from those leaders of the Cowboys on the field?

Witten’s left him when his helmet flew-off in a game against Philly (years before his spleen injury). Before this point Witten was aggressive and ran like a truck. After this game, he began to immediately stick his arm out (after catches) for fear of getting hit or hurt again…running more like a Pinto. Ware, needs to be more passionate like a Charles Haley or Lawrence Taylor had. And, Romo…well, what he’s missing is another writeup alone…I will simple say that Bryant was attempting to convey to Romo to stop being gun-shy (i.e. nervous)…even when I’m covered; I’m open…throw me the ball!

Witten vs Eagles

Many like Dez erroneously calls passion that “dog” in you. More appropriately, you read it from right to left; it’s the “god” in you!…i.e. The I AM and The I WILL! Remember, in his rookie training camp, Dez told wide receiver Roy Williams (player whom Dez replaced) that he wasn’t here to carry bags (in an attempting hazing by Williams). So, being second rate or subservant on the football field is not something that Dez embraces; unlike the Cowboys’ leadership.
Pearson-Irvin-BryantOnly once in my career, did I play on a team such as this. So, I understand whole heartedly how frustrating it can be. And, nothing changed until somebody or some of us became more vocal in expressing our disagreement in our actions and in our words. After this, attention had to be paid to “what was wrong” with the team, respect elevated, and we only loss one game the remainder of the regular season.

I call this “flushing the toilet”…i.e. getting the sh*t out to put the nutrients in…

This Cowboys team has yet to master the art of winning. But, since losing to Seattle in the playoffs during the 2006 season, the Cowboys leadership has mastered the post game press conference.

Losing is a mindset, and so is Winning!

What say you?

Cowboys--Landry and The Boys