November 2013 Vibrations


Written By: Lovell Rowser


Eight is the universal month vibration for the calendar month of November 2013.

Number 8 is strongly associated with the planet Saturn.  Strength, stamina, execution and power is exuded in this cycle.

Persons born on the 8th, 17th and 26th or on a Saturday, the month of August and the 8th astrological sign should be more mindful of the law enforcement and strong arm tactics by the criminally minded.

The number patten is 8-2-5 in that exact order, 8 is positive 2 is negative and 5 remains neutral but can surprise us on dates of the 5th, 14th and 23rd.

Watch the knees and the skeletal system for fractures or broken bones.

Number 8 is  a ruler of the night so be extra safe during those hours.   A famous sports hero is heard about in the news.

Number 8 esoteric day vibration appears on Saturday, the 9th; Monday, the 18th and Wednesday, the 12th.  Saturday, the 9th is a double 8 because it is governed by the number 8 and  Saturn.

Be strong this month.


June 2013 Vibrations

Written By: Lovell Rowser

Copyright 2013


Included in June 2013 are the numbers 666. The calendar dates in June which hold the 666 vibration are the 6th, 15th, and 24th. Each of those dates vibrate with number 9 esoteric day vibration with some heavy psychic, sexual, male and female energy. On the dates the female hold the air and earth elements, while the males must adhere with their fire element.For everyone, monitor your blood pressure in June 2013. Strokes and heart attacks fall under the 6 and 9 vibrations. Be aware though of your individual responsibilities on this planet.

June 2013 is intense because the 6th calendar months crosses the number 6 universal year. Both of the same numbers added, actually doubled causes stress and great tension through the number 12/3.To be continued………

Nike: Stolen Legacy 2013…A Thief In The Knight

Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner

~Dub Deuce The Poet~


stolen legacy

Nike, say it ain’t so…Allegedly stealing…again? Yes, yes, yes, the giant of the sports apparel, Nike, is under fire for allegedly copying the images of a documentary serious about the history of Alkebulan (African) culture, Hidden Colors (1 & 2).  The Nike Hidden Image t-shirts bear the resembling image that is alleged to be a copyright infringement.  The Hidden Image t-shirts are a part of the LeBron James Collection.  Without even looking at the images, just the name itself bears a similar resemblance…compare them Hidden Colors, Hidden Colors 2, and Hidden Image. Hhhmm…

Hidden Colors 1 Cover (left), Hidden Colors 2 Cover (center), Nike's Hidden Image (right)

Hidden Colors 1 Cover (left), Hidden Colors 2 Cover (center), Nike’s Hidden Image (right)

With nothing but a simple glance at a Nike Hidden Image t-shirt, it is quite obvious that the creative mind that conceived the cover of Hidden Colors 1 & 2 birthed identical twins in the form of triplets.  The carbon copy image (Nike Hidden Image) does not sit well with the producer of Hidden Colors Tariq Nasheed.  Nasheed simply states that his legal team is looking into these matters of similarity.

This is not the first time that Nike may have been inspired by Supreme documentary and philosophy.  Before his untimely death, martial arts legend Bruce Lee provided commentary on the martial way. In his wisdom on control or lack-there-of, Bruce introduces the operative philosophy of “Just Do It”.  Hhhmm, sound familiar…(see video below).

After comparing the images and name, Nike definitely has some explaining to do.  The irony of the whole situation is that the Hidden Colors DVD series outlines the stolen & hidden accomplishments of the aboriginals on this planet Earth…the Alkebulans or Moors.  And, Nike has allegedly attempted to do exactly what the series has amplified in its content…stolen an idea & invention and claimed it as it own.  Hhhmm.

Well, I guess that Nike saw nothing wrong with duplicating a culture.  Take a look at these images, and let me know what registers in your subconscious…Hotep:

Converse Shoe in the 1980s.

Converse Shoe in the 1980s.

Islamic Symbol

Islamic Symbol

Under Armour Logo (left), Nsibidi Love & Unity Symbol (center), Adinkra Universe Symbol (right)

Under Armour Logo (left), Nsibidi Love & Unity Symbol (center), Adinkra Universe Symbol (right)